After The Storm: Soul In The Horn at Downtown Brooklyn – Natasha Diggs + Friends

Written by: Paulina Dixon

Friday’s forecast for gloomy skies and severe rain made it uncertain whether Soul In The horn could perform at Downtown Brooklyn. The torrential winds and severe downpour while crew members were setting up for the event threatened our chances even more. As the storm clouds continued to roll, our hopes dwindled but we patiently waited for the sky to clear. Miraculously around 5 o’clock the rain had begun to slow and the sun began to pierce through the clouds. And at the last second we were given the go by Downtown Brooklyn to allow the party to go on.

Uncertain whether or not the storm would persist, we set up and started the music. One by one people began to draw toward the rhythm and sounds that were heard. The powerful music activated the mind, heart, and body in onlookers and a dancing crowd emerged under the illuminating sky.

Chin ~

The scent of after-rain freshness filled the air while Soul In The Horn brought the funk, grooves, and high vibrations to the scene. Resident DJ Natasha Diggs took the crowd on a journey through the sounds of soul, reggae, hip-hop, house, funk, and disco. The set featured many edits and singles from Soul In The Horn creatives with Candice Hoyes’ “Zora’s Moon” remix by Natasha Diggs and Ian Wallace’s “Should I” remix.

Chin ~

The infused sounds of live horns and percussion accompanying the music beautifully captured the essence of Soul In The Horn. The crowd couldn’t help but feel the magic of the blended soulful sounds with the freedom and joy to dance the night away right in the heart of Downtown Brooklyn. Soul In The Horn’s very own queen behind the scenes, L3NI, closed the night off with her new exclusive remix “Virgo Bey” which can now be streamed on the Soul In The Horn record pool. Undoubtedly, the set brought together DJ sets, live music, and dynamic, upbeat energy. The storm had finally passed and everyone could rejoice and revive in the power of music.

Be sure to stay tuned for more Soul In The Horn events coming before the summer ends.. you won’t want to miss it!