Infinity Song is Transcending the Sound of Rock

Infinity Song Artwork

New Album – Metamorphosis out Now

“… we’re gonna be doing an event at Soul In The Horn called the BK Love Fest with Infinity Song. You heard  of them right? Reminds me of the Carpenters and Minnie Riperton of Rotary Connection” 

I’m paraphrasing, but when DProsper was speaking  with me about upcoming events, he caught me off guard. 

Time froze for a moment, as I flew through the mental musical archive. Damn, I hadn’t heard of em. 

“Infinity Song, nah who are they…” I said eagerly. 

This is the point where he puts me onto the new and beyond on the musical front, knowing my ear would appreciate and understand the vibes. 

After the convo, I did a lil digging which confirmed Prosper’s sentiments. These young cats were indeed dope. 

The group of siblings are made up of Angel, Abraham, Israel, Victory and Thalia Boyd. They have quite a few joints that were released in the groups early stage. 

First quick thoughts:

  • Beautiful black group of brothers and sisters, super dope
  • Giving me straight vintage vibes
  • The harmonics are sonically luscious
  • Each of em have this dope individualistic quality that shines on its own and vibrates even higher when they’re all together like Voltron and shit.
  • Parents founded the Boys & Girls Choir of Detroit, doesn’t get any better than this as fair as innate talent and training.
  • Roc Nation signed, ok, smart…
  • How did I not know about them, damn… I been out the loop a little too long. Time to tap back in and get connected.
  • Yea, they giving me the energy to write again. I fuck wit it

The Now

Which brings me to the now.

Its an early morning and I’m vibing out to their 2023 Album Metamorphosis and some older releases. The energy of is uplifting. It’s oh so black, yet oh so universal in its appeal and relatability.  Its sound is not defined by conventional construct, rather free and limitless. 

It makes me wanna knock on my neighbors door and once they answer, I give em a hug and tell them that life is beautiful and so are you, have a great day.  

Now while that may be an odd, you listen and comment how it makes you feel and see how far off I am lol. This shit is so refreshing and I love it. 

Oh yea, they’re from Detroit and moved to the city too (NYC). Cmon you cant go wrong when choosing a vibe that disrupts the commercial acoustic norm.

I wanna get deeper on the individual tracks, but gonna revisit another time. 

If your in Brooklyn on Feb. 9, check em out live at the Crown Hill Theater in Crown Heights for SITH’s BK Love Fest. On the Decks for the night will be the Queen Natasha Diggs, Dj Monday Blue and Dj Reborn for a soulful get down.

Here’s the link: https://soulinthehorn.com/event/soul-in-the-horn-brooklyn-2/

Vibe off this latest melancholic banger and let the journey take you to Infinity and beyond…

Slow Burn (Live Performance)

And that the Brooklyn word.

Bless up my peoples.