Victoria Topping

Victoria Topping is an internationally recognized artist and illustrator. With more than a decade of professional experience, Victoria has held solo exhibitions across the UK and Europe including shows in London, Barcelona, Strasbourg, Ibiza and Bristol. With an ever-evolving creative practice that fuses digital and traditional techniques, Victoria has created a distinct visual language in her work, incorporating vivid color, bold forms and recurring motifs. Predominantly known for her printmaking, Victoria is now increasingly focused on creating original pieces: one-off multimedia works that sit at the interface of collage and painting. Drawing influence from varied and disparate sources – everything from high camp disco sleeves to 1950s technical drawing manuals, from exotic flora and fauna to traditional folk art – Victoria’s work achieves a synthesis that is at once both unique and familiar. Her singular style has caught the eye of many businesses, and she’s carried out branding, illustration and graphic briefs for numerous festivals, nightclubs, wine producers and record labels. In 2019, Victoria illustrated her first book, “Mythologica”, which was awarded children’s non-fiction book of the year on Amazon. She is artistic director for On the Corner Records, an award-winning independent record label based in London. She currently lives and works in Bath, England.