Suze Ijo

Hailing from the vibrant harbor city, rotterdam, suze ijó’s love for music was present from an early age and manifested as a dancer/record collector and later on as a DJ/broadcaster. she’s a former ‘first floor’ member, a communal space near rotterdam where music lovers came together for practice, talks and organizing private events inspired by New York’s iconic party “the loft”(nyc), DJ’ing became more serious for her. As a lover of all genres, rhythms, who doesn’t discriminate between electronic and analog sounds, suze ijó is always carrying positive vibes and grooves. she aims to make you dance hard and fill the room with warm sounds. curacao, chicago and the 80s sounds are all huge influences. as an artist she’s always growing, learning and evolving. she’s a regular at operator radio(rotterdam) – where she hosts her own show ‘pleased to meet you’ and she works at clone records – next to her pursuit to make the world dance!