Savior Elmundo

Savior Elmundo is a Renaissance man: an accomplished dancer, choreographer, artist, and filmmaker who is driven by his passion for creative expression. Born in 1973, in Harlem, Savior had the privilege of coming up in the emergence of hip-hop. He became a young, self-taught dancer who appeared in music videos and on stage around the world with well-known artists. With his skills and professionalism, choreography was not too far behind, as well as commercials, print ads, and numerous campaigns. Later, Savior took an interest in filmmaking and found success in completing five short films and a feature-length documentary. His short films have been featured in the Tribeca Film Festival and the HBO Latino Film Festival. Soon after, Savior picked up a brush to express his feelings after the loss of a close family member and has continuously shown in art shows from 2008-2019 in Los Angeles and New York. The evolution of his artistic style over the past 11 years continues to expose the complexities of life, culture, and his personal experiences: Layers of paint, images, records, 3-D letters, and other mixed media are reminiscent of the ’80s and ’90s, the years when Savior was coming up and completely immersed in the music world. Savior also created a place for artists to come and paint freely, connect with others, and gain recognition from NYC art enthusiasts at the weekly event, “Collage NYC”.