As a DJ, Lovie seeks to emulate the generosity and spontaneity of sharing music with your friends. Her mixes are both soulful and eclectic, defined by multi-genre selections that create warmth, tell a story, and make you move.

Lindsay Zae Summers, known by her moniker Lovie, is a DJ based in Brooklyn, NY. Originally hailing from Washington, D.C., Lovie’s music discovery was born in the digital music age: a young lover of local radio and after-school MTV marathons, her early mixes took shape in the form of burned CDs she composed for friends. Years later, her sound is still rooted in the generosity of sharing music with others. In relocating from D.C. to New York in August of 2020, her unique selection swiftly ushered her in to New York’s local music scene. Upon her move, she had yet to play beyond the confines of her bedroom when she pitched a monthly show to The Lot Radio in Brooklyn. Her show Summer School Radio quickly garnered a devoted following amongst music lovers and local DJs alike; within a year, she’d earned a Lot Radio residency, and bookings at staple Brooklyn venues like Elsewhere, Black Flamingo, and Nowadays. Lovie’s sets guarantee a soulful and eclectic selection, and as a former theatre artist, she brings her love of storytelling and empathy building to the dance floor. When she DJs, she makes mutual exchanges of joy and collaboration with the audience as she interweaves soul, disco, and house into a sound that creates warmth, and makes you move.