New York Native and Brooklyn-Based JADALAREIGN is a DJ, producer, and organizer who is best known for unifying the vast variety of expression that is diasporic blackness to forge community since 2016. While JADA has always had an ear for multicultural sounds, her current focus is on underground dance music and processing the foundation that was laid by the Black music-makers whose legacies & histories continue to inspire her each day.JADA’s talent for creating harmony is not singular to music — she also does the life-giving work of cultivating community in spaced where resources & opportunity are long overdue. Having been featured on dance music platforms across the world, as well as publications like Vibe, i-D, and Essence, JADA has used her platform to give back to the community that has inspired her by creating various music workshops for marginalized people as a form of cultural revolution.In her efforts to catalyze social progress through music, JADA created SKILLSHARE, a safe space for aspiring DJs of marginalized identities to learn the in’s & out’s of DJ’ing and production, and how to turn music from a hobby into a career.JADA also works with FIVEBOI and Same Law to co-produce their intersectional virtual producer camp, In Session, which saw 300+ participants tuning in from five different continents during its inaugural camp in Fall 2020.As the state of the world shifts rapidly, JADA continues to work purposefully towards cultivating equity and sovereignty for Black women and marginalized genders in music.