Hailey Summers

Hailey Summers is a freelance movement artist, educator, choreographer, and event curator. She has performed with artists such as PY1 Experience in the show “Stella and the Time Machine Journey,” Pharrell Williams, Natasha Diggs of “Soul in the Horn,” Bishop Arts Theatre Center, Decora, Vo Era, Jess Hendricks, Dee Caspary, and Robert Taylor Jr. Summers has trained in styles such as ballet, modern, jazz, contemporary, hip-hop, West African, house, club dance, and popping. She has provided education to studios and public schools across north Texas, New York, and Orlando in partnership with organizations such as Booker T. Washington HSPVA, Bishop Arts Theatre Center, and Dallas ISD. Summers currently resides in Dallas, TX where she curates the collective “Discovery Movement,” a freestyle movement sanctuary engaging in multi-media art installations. Her life’s mission is to inspire a new generation of innovative movers to create outside the existing structures of style and culture, conceiving new spaces of our own and keeping the curiosity alive.