DJ and producer Ezel paved his way from the beginning as the avid apprentice of Afro-spiritual house maestros Osunlade & Carlos Mena. Constantly renovating itself, Ezel defies definition by pushing forward a repertoire where Afro meets soul and funk — all riding the banner of deeply satisfying dance music. Born and raised in the Dominican Republic, Ezel was exposed to formal music studies where he learned his ropes in music theory and harmony. While participating in local funk and soul bands, he started developing a new musical vocabulary and a thirst for music that made the body move. From 2003 to his introduction to the scene in early 2009, he grabbed the attention of musical innovators Osunlade & Carlos Mena. After his debut album “Secreto” and a series of highly regarded remixes, Ezel established himself in the underground dance musical landscape. Memorable fruits of that era includes his single “In My Lifetime” with songstress Tamara Wellons, which was later remixed by the likes of techno heavyweight Deetron which led to further exposure and opportunities. In 2011, he received a scholarship at the prestigious SAE Institute Barcelona, where he developed his prowess with high-end boards and processors. As time went on, projects like the Creole-spoken “Mezami” released on Ocha Records and the funky “Get Down” ft. Tumelo showed the transformation Ezel experienced with the creation of his own imprint Bayacou Records.