Ever Magenta

Jason Oermann produces music under the stage name Ever Magenta, and has been creating music for the last 25 years. Residing in New York, he specializes in R&B/dance music fusion and uses video storytelling to amplify his creative work. He also runs The Magenta Sound, a creative outlet for his music via vinyl and video releases. Ever Magenta released a new project entitled “Together Again” early in 2021, an album to celebrate the reunion of life past the pandemic. Aside from music production, Ever Magenta also runs an art project called the The Magenta Sound Archive. This art project identifies, collects and archives music from parties in New York City, including collaborations with House of Yes, Nowadays and more. Since starting the project, Ever Magenta has been able to document set lists for hundreds of parties and has collected 80,000+ individual/unique songs, all of which are archived on his Spotify profile by best of party, venue and actual party. This also includes a massive Soul in the Horn playlist which lists every song heard (available on Spotify) from the SITH Global Vibrations show.