Matt Vorzimer aka eCUSSIONIST began forging his career as a percussionist and composer first in Boulder Colorado and then in New York City at 8 years old. Steeped in the city’s cut throat jam session and busking culture with the growing influence of jazz education at the New School For Jazz and contemporary music he quickly expanded his styles and adapted the jazz concepts he was learning in school to electronic music and it became his as well as his concept. Matt works in a worldwide capacity as a drummer, DJ, producer, songwriter and educator with collaborations ranging from Slick Rick and Big Daddy Kane to Adult Swim, Robert Glasper, Google and Apple. His work and ethos of love and dance has been featured in BuzzFeed, NowThis, UK Daily Mail, Hip Hop DX, A+, World Star Hip Hop, New York Comic – Con, iPhone 7 preview commercial and The New Yorker. It is to no surprise that Matt’s high energy combination of live remixing, drumming and DJing using a combo of acoustic drums and various drum machines has garnered him 12+ Million combined views online.