DJ Lefty

“GOD GIVEN TALENT!” is the phrase that best describes this individual. With over 30+ years experience, DJ Lefty is one of the most prolific DJ and entertainers from the New England Region and the Cape Verdean American music scene whether its in the nightclubs or at an International Party or a Wedding Event. Born and raised in Providence Rhode Island and physically challenged on his left arm, Lefty turned to music at a young age and started following in his uncles’ footsteps filling in DJing at small family parties and assisting his grandfather on weekends at the family dance-hall giving Lefty an edge on his hobby by keeping his talent a secret from his peers. It wouldn’t be long before he started hitting the scene spinning from house parties to popular dance-halls, graduating to the nightclubs and major concert events, Lefty finally gained his national notoriety thru his RI mixtapes and opening for huge 90’s hip-hop acts such as The Notorious BIG, Jay-Z, and The Wu-Tang Clan, but his musical passion also extended in playing Cape Verdean musical events. DJ Lefty has performed in all over the world and has been awarded ‘Best DJ’ in the 2013 Cape Verdean Music Awards, 2014 RI Lifetime Achievement in Hip-Hop DJ Honors, 2012 he was selected as a regional finalist in the DJ TV Series Master of the Mix, and as of recent, Lefty has had an opportunity to teach a Master Class Lecture @ Brown University. Beside the accolades, Lefty is consistently raising the bar on his DJ craft performance wise as he turns his focus towards Weddings and Corporate events, continues to have seasonal events spinning vinyl 45’s, all the while still inspiring younger generational DJs in the process.