DJ Heidy P

Heidy.P started her journey 13 years ago. She got her first taste of DJing through a weekly show that she hosted on a Montreal university radio station. Initially focused on rock, a few months spent in Berlin expanded her musical horizon and made her discover the endless possibilities of electronic music. She moved behind the turntables, refining her sound and going deeper into house music, disco and techno.Montreal is her hometown and she has hosted many late night events in unusual settings all over the city, like an old printing factory turned techno bunker and a dominatrix loft.She has been based in Europe since 2016, Lisbon being her current homebase. She hosts a monthly show on Radio Quantica and produces music with her project Rhythm Phazer. She holds a residency at Desterro and teaches DJ and music production workshops in the community. She has performed in multiple cities in the past few years including Berlin, Paris, Ho Chi Minh City, Phnom Penh and New York, as well as having a string of guest mixes on online radio stations such as Rinse France, N.10.as and The Lot Radio.