Caroline Cardenas

Caroline Cardenas aka Carozilla is a Miami-born Cuban/Honduran vinyl selector and emcee who manages Technique Records, Miami’s largest record store.

Caroline has a bi-weekly residency as selector and emcee at Ladies Night within Miami’s first vinyl listening lounge, Dante’s Hifi+. Ladies Night highlights women selectors from Miami and beyond, with Caroline serving as DJ, emcee, and co-curator for the night alongside Music Director Rich Medina.

As an emcee/selector, Caroline enjoys sprinkling insights of music history throughout her sets to enlighten her listeners, as well as bringing her enchanting energy on the mic to make them dance.

Her four years of experience as Manager and Event Coordinator of Technique Records, an independent record store in Miami, has allowed her to expand her musical palette and knowledge, gaining a love for a variety of sounds, from synthesizer driven music, rhythmic latin-jazz-funk-disco sounds, and all music that is thought-provoking or makes you want to dance. Expect lots of 80s sounds, no limits and good vibrations during her journey of vinyl selection.