Boston Cherry

A purveyor of deep and infectious dance grooves, a DJ set from Boston Chery is more about creating a vibe and promoting a sense of community through melody, harmony, and rhythm than anything else. Pronounced Cherié, the Boston-bred, Haitian-American, Brooklyn-based DJ and producer is a star on the rise. With the intent to create memorable moments through music, Boston Chery’s innate love for all things ‘90s reggae, dancehall, Afrobeat, World Music, R&B, and hip-hop is what allows her to constantly mesmerize and captivate audiences. More than just sentimentality of the past, the DJ/Producer’s affinity for the music of her childhood has also prompted critical acclaim. A recent interview with The Gumbo had this to offer: “Chery has a deep respect for the artistry and the culture that manifests in her DJ sets and her personality, through which she shares her love for nostalgia and appreciation for the cultural pioneers before her.” From appearances on Boiler Room, as well as a recent set on the famed XM Radio show Sway In The Morning, AFROPUNK 2019, and Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts, to say that you’ll be seeing more of Beantown and Brooklyn’s favorite DJ is something of an understatement. She has also shared stages with artistic luminaries including Jill Scott, Kaytranada, Goldlink, and Melo-X to name a few. Although Boston Chery is on an upward climb with her DJing career, Boston Chery is everything but your average DJ and she envisions a larger future for herself. A member of the inaugural class of the Splice’s Creator Class, which started in 2019, she plans on furthering her overall musical skills as she delves into the world of sound design and music production. Education is also a two-way street for Boston Chery. Having been mentored DJ legends like Melo-X and Natasha Diggs, the up-and-coming DJ is also hoping to pass on the knowledge she’s received to the next generation.