Gotta Have Soul!

By Christine McLaughlin (@iconsnycphoto )

After spending decades immersed within a vast array of music genres and scenes and as a lifelong, avid music connoisseur who has attended a widely diverse variety of live shows, I can honestly say, throughout the many years I attended, that each and every live show at Soul In The Horn  has been just as unforgettable as the next.

With everything from diasporic African drum beats to soulful melodic sounds to hard core punk rock, Soul in The Horn never disappointed and continuously set the bar high as, hands down, the best place in all of New York City to see and hear live music.

Remnant of the raw energetic live shows in the late eighties and early nineties – where the excitement filled the room in anticipation of not knowing what to expect and you’d leave at the end of the night blown away and on a musical high, inspired for days on end by your new favorite singer or musician that you discovered at Soul In The Horn.

Every Friday night, Master of ceremonies and wizard curator D Prosper set his intentions and the mood high by smudging the room to assure any negative energies were cleared and a magical evening organically unfolded filled with top tier musicians and artists from all over the world. 

You may even have danced with QTip or caught a glimpse of Dave Chapelle enjoying the late night dance cyphers.There were times you may even forget that you were in New York City because the music and vibes would take you to another place entirely. 

Soul In The Horn is one of those special events that make you remember why you fell in love with New York City to begin with and make it hard to explain to anyone why it is hard to live anywhere else.


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